how often should I wash my hair? a 3-man example

How often should guys wash their hair? Here are a few daily routines and how you can think about maintenance rinsing.

The hair care industry is notorious for trying to prescribe a washing regime that gets you to use their products more often (“lather, rinse, repeat”). Our belief at modern mammals is that everyone is different - your skin, your hair, and your daily routine are all unique to you. That means the answer of “how often should I wash” is going to depend on a lot of factors.

Let’s take Mark, a graduate student who goes running 5 days a week after his classes are finished. He showers once in the morning to wake up and wash the dirty parts of his body before class, but won’t really work up a sweat until later on. Mark will probably want to use our rinse after all of his workouts since all that sweat can clog pores, make your scalp itch, and eventually create an odor. In the mornings though, he can go water-only or leave his hair dry.

What about Brandon, who lives a busy weekday life, wants to look good every morning for work, and might only get to the gym once on a weekday and once on a weekend. In the mornings his hair is greasy and stuck in all weird directions from sleeping on a pillow all night. His best option is probably to use our rinse every morning to wash the grease out and make his hair clean and presentable for the day. If he chooses to use a heavy styling product, he should wash that out in the shower or sink before bed. Our rinse can be a helpful light cleanser to remove styling products without over-harshly cleaning your hair.

Others use our product more for ‘routine maintenance’ in their pursuit of the all natural look. Take Ruben, who loves to let his natural oils build up by not shampooing, a look we definitely support. With this approach, Ruben is still going to need to do some routine exfoliation and cleansing of the scalp because of natural skin regrowth and shedding. He may choose to use our rinse twice a week primarily for the scalp benefits, without totally blasting his head with shampoo.