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Hey man, did you get the memo? Guys are giving up shampoo! As we continue to seek healthier ways of living, most have come to learn how shampooing is unnaturally intense for our heads. Basically, your body is well evolved and likes to keep itself in balance. When you shampoo, your hair and scalp are over-dried and react by creating additional oils. The result? Your hair cycles back and forth between way too dry and way too greasy. That’s how shampoo companies get you on a complex routine. 

Shampoo is an issue for men in particular. Not only can it leave your hair looking dry and brittle, but frequent use causes long term damage. And, as you probably know, we need to treat our hair the best we can to keep it around. 

Here’s the thing: when shampoo was introduced long ago, the idea behind it was totally different than what it is today. Initially the plan--which came from the same people who created products designed to clean clothing and carpets--was to use detergents to wash your hair and scalp maybe once a month. It was never meant to be part of a daily routine.

At modern mammals we believe in preserving the oils your hair creates on its own that keep it healthy and protected. That’s why we’re introducing an alternative to shampooing called maintenance rinsing, designed to naturally hydrate hair and repair scalp while preserving biological benefits. 

Rub-in rinse is a lighter, moisturizing rinse without lather that keeps hair looking and feeling its best. Here’s the idea: rather than shampoo your hair squeaky clean and then coat it with conditioners, let’s just maintain steady hair health by lightly refreshing hair and providing moisture and health to the scalp and hair. Without the suds and lather, your hair will retain natural oils which give it the weight and feel it was always meant to have while also leaving it feeling cleansed of sweat and buildup. One rinse for healthier hair anytime, and no more shampoo days.


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