the formula

the formula

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a power-packed formula for healthier hair and scalp care

we tested product iterations on our own heads to develop the best formula for you and us. this is the entire ingredient list and why each one is in the product:

power ingredients:

organic aloe vera juice: our base ingredient, this repairs dead and dry scalp, softens and hydrates the hair, and gives hair a healthy shine

activated charcoal: a detox for the scalp, preventing dryness, flaking, and itch

rosemary extract: a powerful natural ingredient for hair follicle strength, helping hair stay thick, strong, and growing

dl panthenol: a super moisturizer for hair softness, that also protects hair during styling routines

kosher vegetable glycerin: common in food and household products, this moisturizes and soothes irritated skin

slippery elm extract: a natural detangler, packed with minerals

peppermint essential oil: improves circulation in the scalp, provides a soothing feeling and light scent

vitamin e oil: an antioxidant that balances oil production and can prevent hair loss


boring but essential:

behentrimonium methosulfate: don't be alarmed by the name, this is perhaps the gentlest cleanser available and is derived from plant oils

cetearyl alcohol: not an "alcohol" that you're thinking of, this helps hold the formula together

emulsifying wax nf: maintains product texture and consistency 

phenoxyethanol: just a preservative, so you don't get anything funky in your bottle


Our rinse is free of parabens, sulfates, and dyes. In fact, it barely makes any suds and is kind of an ugly gray color.


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