an alternative to shampoo, for guys.

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softer rinsing

a moisturizing rinse removes sweat and grease without the harsh shampoo suds

way healthier

packed with ingredients for your scalp and hair follicles to look out for your head in the long run

natural feel

your hair will retain more of its natural oils, so it won't end up thin, frizzy, or poofy

the new hair washguys love.

fixing your hair problems through 12 months of experiments on our own heads

  • no more poofy, thin shampoo hair: a lighter cleansing along with natural hydration refreshes your hair to a healthy, natural feel

  • healthy scalp life: routine scalp repair and exfoliation look out for your head daily and in the long run

  • for your daily routine: one rinse brings you back to a natural balance anytime, so you can use it any day or after every workout

try something new

“I like that it isn’t tough on my hair. It’s easy and sustainable to use since I wash my hair twice a day.”

— Jason, New York City

“My hair has this perfect clean and hydrated feel, this is all I want to use now”

— Andrew, Austin

“This actually makes my hair look good. I use it every day after I go running and now I actually look forward to washing my hair”

— Nick, San Francisco

“I honestly wish I’d had this product years ago. I’ve always worked out 5 days a week and have never felt like shampoo and conditioner worked for me”

— Imran, Denver

Our goal is to simplify your routine, promote your healthy habits, and give you an awesome hair day. Join us and break free of the shampoo life.

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