Easy Rinse

Introducing a better way to wash hair.

Shampoo is way too harsh. Rather than blast your head squeaky clean, this refreshes your hair back to its natural feel. Our formula is a minimal, aloe-based rinse designed to give you premium, plant-powered scalp care while preserving more natural moisture in your hair. The result is a soothed scalp with healthy, natural hair flow.


Welcome to low-maintenance, everyday haircare.

Say goodbye to poofy, dry, itchy shampoo hair. With routine rinses you'll maintain a healthy scalp and keep your hair’s moisturized flow. That means great hair days every single day.

Unlike shampoos and conditioners, our product has no added fragrance and won’t create any suds or lather. It’s also free of sulfates, parabens, and silicones.


Natural moisture

Flake prevention

Fresh healthy flow

Suds are for duds.

We don't lather.

Your hair.

We care.

Lose the ‘poo.

Protect the ‘do.


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