Your hair, we care.

Shampoo is a bad product. How many guys are out there avoiding washing their hair because they hate what shampoo does to it? Answer: A LOT.

That's why we exist. For years we heard from friends (and ourselves) how shampoo makes their hair feel dry, fluffy, and poofy. Or that it leaves their scalp dry, itchy, and flakey. They would exercise 5 days a week, but only wash their hair once or twice - forced with a daily decision of "do I want my hair greasy and gross, or dried out and straw thin?"

Better washing

Finally we said, why don't we just create a hair washing product that guys actually like? Now, 4 years and a pandemic later, we've become a cult-favorite brand used by everyday guys, famous comedians, amateur musicians, and NFL athletes alike.

We welcome you to join our growing crew of over 60,000 Mammals nation-wide having awesome hair days without even trying.