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not at the moment, shoot us a message though if you're international and trying to get some modern mammals!
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well, we can't say we don't respect your commitment, but we do think there is some necessary work to be done to your head and hair if you want to have your best life. for one, your scalp should be regularly exfoliated to get rid of dead skin, prevent ingrown hairs, and clean out dirty hair follicles that cause hair loss or pimples. on the hair side, it's great to keep all of your natural oils, though greasy hair loses it's life and looks unhealthy. a routine rinse and with some moisturizing can bring your hair to life, giving it a healthy shine and natural flow. additionally, with water alone is not typically enough to wash out loose skin flakes in the hair and the sweat and odor that builds up.

yes, our rinse is free of parabens, sulfates, and dyes. in fact, it won't really make any suds at all.


our bottles are made of hdpe plastic, one of the most easily recyclable and sustainably used plastics.

obviously anyone is welcome to use the product. what we have found though is that men really love the product because it keeps a balance of their natural oils, which gives guys a thick and moisturized hair feel, almost like a swim in the ocean. we also find guys are drawn to our product's focus on scalp health, as well as our dedication to simplicity and convenience.

some women like the product, some don't. if you find that you shampoo leaves your hair dry and gnarled, this could be a good solution for you because it will keep softness in the hair with natural oils. however, the product doesn't lather up and may not do as well spreading through and detangling longer hair. what you will find though, is your hair feels incredibly soft with a light bit of texture to it so it's easier to style, and no flyaways.

do what works for you. our typical customer is using modern mammals most days per week with nothing else, but we have some users shampooing and conditioning once a week or every other day. it depends on a lot of factors, like hair length, how much you sweat, and if you use a lot of styling product. we are sure you know more about your hair than we do, and we think you should figure out what works best.
test it on other mammals? no way. the only animals we tested on were a group of 8 guys. our products are completely vegan with no animal involvement.
we formulate, produce, and ship all in the USA

the idea behind good rinse is to hydrate and repair your hair and scalp, while cleaning excess grease and sweat without shampooing your hair totally dry. with that goal, we created a formula that cleans much milder than shampoo by not lathering and foaming. we loaded it with aloe vera to moisturize itchy scalps too. when you squeeze it into your hand you'll feel a plant-based gel that's clear and lightweight. 

do you need to condition after? no. the light wash is designed to keep a balance of your hair's natural oils so that your hair keeps its natural texture and moisture. there's no need to coat it with whatever conditioner is.

the goal of our rinse is to keep natural oils in the hair to give it texture and weight, preventing frizziness and dryness, and provide routine scalp care. if you're looking for silky or fluffy hair - look elsewhere.