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not at the moment!
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test it on other mammals? no way. the only animals we tested on were a group of 8 guys.
in the USA!

the idea behind maintenance rinsing is to hydrate and repair your hair and scalp, while cleaning excess grease and sweat without shampooing your hair totally dry. with that goal, we created a formula that cleans much milder than shampoo by not lathering and foaming. we loaded it with aloe vera to moisturize itchy scalps too. when you squeeze it into your hand you'll feel a plant-based gel that's clear and lightweight. 

do you need to condition after? no. the light wash is designed to keep a balance of your hair's natural oils so that your hair keeps its natural texture and moisture. there's no need to coat it with whatever conditioner is.

the goal of maintenance rinsing is to keep natural oils in the hair to give it texture and weight, preventing frizziness and dryness, and provide routine scalp care. if you're looking for silky or fluffy hair - look elsewhere.