By Customer Team

Meet Shampoo Light.

Introducing the newest invention in haircare.

Shampoo has been around for a long time… too long, without being updated for the way we live our lives. Have you heard that shampoo is too damaging, and you shouldn’t use it more than twice a week? Well the shampoo industry thinks that’s fine, but we don’t. We noticed a lot of us avoid shampoo because it’s too harsh. So we asked, why don’t we just make a product that isn’t damaging and gives people hair that feels good?

That’s why for the last year we’ve worked with one of the nation’s top haircare scientists to develop a new product that is lighter on hair and scalp, not harsh and drying like shampoo.

What makes it different?

  • pH balanced, so it doesn’t dry your hair and scalp
  • detergent-free, low-suds formula
  • no fragrance, dyes, or silicones
  • plastic-free bar form, for quick and easy use without the bottle (& it lasts a long time!)

What’s that mean for you?

  • stronger hair without the damage
  • retained moisture and natural oils, so your hair looks and feels better
  • less drying on your scalp, avoiding irritation and skin flakes
  • designed for daily use, for the athletes, weight lifters, runners, hikers, surfers, and bikers

We’re no strangers to shaking up the old school haircare industry. In 2020 we launched our first product, Easy Rinse, which is now used by over 40,000 customers who love their hair. But our team continued to innovate, and we believe Shampoo Light is our best product yet.


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