• mens shampoo bar

    Men’s Shampoo Bars Are the Cheat Code for Legendary Hair

    In 1927, a dude named Hans Schwarzkopf invented something that would ruin guys’ hair for the next century: liquid shampoo.  Since his diabolical concoction hit shelves, we’ve put computers in our pockets and traveled to the moon (maybe). But we’re...

  • shampoo alternative

    Shampoo Is a Total Scam (Science Says So)

    Let’s do a quick experiment: Google “1960s mens hairstyles.” Now Google “1980s mens hairstyles.” Notice how guys in the 60s (and before) had lush, smooth, Don Draper-esque hair—but in the 80s it got poofy and frizzy. It’s easy to blame...

  • Is That Dandruff or Dry Scalp? (Yes, There’s a Difference)

    Is That Dandruff or Dry Scalp? (Yes, There’s a Difference)

    If you look in the mirror and find white flakes on your shirt, the first thought that comes to mind might be: dandruff. Not so fast. Before you consult Dr. Google about the snowdrift coming off your scalp, it’s important...

  • 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner

    How 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner Sabotages Your Hair

    Americans love convenience. If a product promises to shave just a few seconds off our daily routine, we take the bait—and few things encapsulate our obsession with efficiency more than 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner.  When 2-in-1 hit drugstore shelves in...

  • oily scalp

    6 Causes of an Oily Scalp (and What to Do About It)

    Having oil on your scalp is normal—in fact, you need it to protect your skin and support your hair. But if your scalp gets super oily, are your grooming habits to blame? Or is Mother Nature the culprit behind your...

  • poofy frizzy hair after shower

    Frizzy Hair After Showering? You’re Probably Making These 4 Mistakes

    For many guys, poofy hair is a tradeoff for clean hair. You feel greasy and grimy so you hop in the shower and scrub everything away—but when you look in the mirror afterward you’ve got a head of dry, poofy,...