By Customer Team

Spring Refresh: Top 3 Men's Haircuts

As the days grow longer and warmer, it's the perfect opportunity for men to revamp their look with a fresh haircut. This spring, three standout styles are making waves and offering something for every taste. Here are the top three men's haircuts to consider:


1. The Modern Mullet

Surprisingly making a comeback, the modern mullet puts a contemporary twist on a classic '80s hairstyle. Characterized by shorter sides and longer hair at the back, this cut is all about balance and versatility. The updated version features a more subtle contrast between lengths, with a focus on texture and movement.

Ideal for those who dare to be different, the modern mullet offers a unique blend of edginess and sophistication. To rock this style, ask your barber to blend the layers seamlessly and add texture to the longer sections for a modern touch. Embrace your rebellious side and style with confidence for a bold statement this spring.


2. The Buzzcut

For a low-maintenance yet effortlessly stylish look, the buzzcut remains a timeless choice. With its uniform length all around, this haircut exudes simplicity and masculinity. Perfect for warmer weather, the buzzcut keeps you cool while offering a clean and polished appearance.

Whether you prefer a short and uniform length or slightly longer for added texture, the buzzcut is versatile enough to suit any face shape and hair type. Embrace its understated charm and enjoy the ease of minimal styling this spring.


3. The Textured Crop

Combining modern flair with timeless appeal, the textured crop is a perennial favorite among men seeking a contemporary yet classic look. This versatile haircut features short sides and back with slightly longer, textured hair on top, creating a stylish contrast that's both sophisticated and effortless.

To achieve the perfect textured crop, ask your barber to add layers and texture to the top for a natural, tousled finish. Style with a matte product to enhance texture and definition, and you're ready to conquer the season with confidence and style.


In conclusion, these top three men's haircuts offer something for everyone this spring. Whether you're drawn to the modern mullet's boldness, the buzzcut's simplicity, or the textured crop's versatility, now is the time to embrace a fresh new look and step into the season with style. Keep your hair fresh with your new cut by using Modern Mammals Magic Mud, a revolutionary product designed to combat poofy hair while maintaining the natural balance of your hair and scalp.