fundamental routine hair health, all plant-derived

we tested product iterations on our own heads for 10 months to develop the most minimal and natural set of ingredients to deliver fundamental hair care. this is the entire list and why each one is in the product:


aloe vera leaf juice: repairs dead and dry scalp, hydrates the hair, and gives it a healthy shine

sucrose cocoate, coco-betaine, caprylyl: coconut, coconut oil, and sugar-derived cleansers that lightly remove excess oil without a harsh cleaning

lauryl lactyl lactate: coconut oil and lactic acid-derived moisturizer to moisturize hair and make product spread more easily in hair

salicylic acid: derived from willow bark, cleanses pores and exfoliates scalp to promote hair growth and prevent scalp issues

caesalpinia spinosa (tara gum): derived from tara seeds, simply used to naturally thicken up the formula so it stays in your hand

lonicera caprifolium extract: natural preservative derived from honeysuckle plants

lonicera japonica extract: another natural preservative derived from honeysuckle plants